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Wise Trade opened its doors for business in 2000 with the unique mission to provide construction chemicals, Beauty and Cosmetics, Herbal healthcare & Real Estate Development products to our clients.  This is attested by the fact and we will continue our good work & nonetheless we are doing well till now. Everything we do is built on a strong, lasting personal relationship with you.We feel ecstasy while working with the wise man from our clientele bank. We take people on employment in the patriotic basis so that they love the country and its peoples and participate in the nation building activities.

What we do?

Construction chemicals

Water proofing system, Industrial Flooring, Admixture and surface treatments, Grouts & Anchors Repair, Restoring & protective coatings & many more

Construction chemicals

We are providing awesome products to our clients. We work based in Bangladesh.

Beauty and cosmetics

Facial Soap, Cleansing gel, Shampoo, Facial Cream, Lotion, essence mask, Collagen Moisture, Collagen powder, Mascara, Lipstick, Stick Eye Shadow

Beauty and cosmetics

We sell these products in japan.

Herbal Healthcare

Alpha lipoic acid, Super chondrotin & glucosamine, gold shpe, Hyaluronic acid, DHA & EPA, Natto Deluxe, puerarexx, Super maria, Nippon koso, Nihon reishi

Herbal Healthcare

We sell these healthcare products in japan.


We are exporter of all kinds of current usable items & importer of construction chemicals and materials.


We export all necessary daily commodities and import construction chemicals and materials.

Real Estate Development

We develop Land and make flat to sell to the customers. We are going to develop some land and building house very recently.

Real Estate Development

We don’t build just some flat we develop very awesome, beautiful flat for customer.

Authorized Distributor

Our Location?

Corporate Address:

Zahir Mansion (3rd Floor)

476/C, D.I.T Road, Malibagh,  Dhaka-1217, Bangladesh.



CELL:+88 01841046749

E-mail: wise.trade10@gmail.com

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